Asking Questions That Take Thinking Apart

We are no longer shipping physical materials (other than sample copies of the International Critical Thinking Essay Test). This item will soon be available in digital form on the upcoming Center for Critical Thinking Community Online, an interactive online learning platform being developed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Video Series: Socratic Questioning Video Series
Author: Richard W. Paul
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Length of tape: 80 minutes
Format: DVD

Price: $29.95 for this 1 hour tape/dvd or
$69.95 for the series of 3 tapes/dvds


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Asking Questions That Take Thinking Apart (DVD Video)

Additional Information About:
Asking Questions That Take Thinking Apart

  • How to use the elements of thought to take thinking apart
  • How to drive student thinking through questions
  • How to teach content using question-driven instruction
  • How to teach content as a mode of thinking
  • How to get content to take root in the thinking of students
  • Specific strategies for leading a Socratic questioning discussion