Critical Thinking Handbook: High School

We are no longer shipping physical materials (other than sample copies of the International Critical Thinking Essay Test). This item will soon be available in digital form on the upcoming Center for Critical Thinking Community Online, an interactive online learning platform being developed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Full Title: Critical Thinking Handbook: High School, A Guide for Redesigning Instruction
Author: Richard W. Paul, Douglas Martin, Ken Adamson
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Copyright: 1989
ISBN: 0-944583-03-2
Library of Congress number: 89-062293
Pages: 381 Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 1" Weight: 2 lbs.
Binding: Soft Cover


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Critical Thinking Handbook: High School

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Critical Thinking Handbook: High School

The four grade level handbooks in this series can be used either as the basis for critical thinking staff development, or as an independent resource for teachers. Starting from standard lessons and standard practice, the teacher sees, in case after case, what the weaknesses are in standard lessons and how they can be remedied. A book from this series is an essential resource for any teacher serious about fostering the critical thinking of students.