Critical Thinking: Basic Theory and Instructional Structures Handbook

We are no longer shipping physical materials (other than sample copies of the International Critical Thinking Essay Test). This item will soon be available in digital form on the upcoming Center for Critical Thinking Community Online, an interactive online learning platform being developed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Author: Richard W. Paul, Linda Elder
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Copyright: 1999, revised 2000 edition
Pages: 148 Dimensions: 8.75" x 11" x .5" Weight: 1 lbs.
Binding: Spiral w/Soft

This handbook provides an outline of the most fundamental theory of critical thinking. In addition, it provides ideas for incorporating the theory into the structure of the curriculum. Included is theory on the elements of reasoning, intellectual standards, intellectual traits, content as a mode of thinking, the affective dimension of thinking, along with structures for student self-assessment, grading policies, and general tactical/ structural recommendations. This handbook is useful for understanding the basic theory, as well as for developing a curriculum with critical thinking at its very foundation.


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Critical Thinking: Basic Theory and Instructional Structures Handbook