[01BUND] Life Starter Bundle

Personal and Professional Life Starter Bundle

There is no more important goal than that of developing your mind, as everything you do in your life is affected by your mind and how it operates. The quality of your personal relationships is affected by the quality of your thinking about those relationships.The quality of your work is affected by the quality of your thinking about your work. To take command of the thinking that controls your life, you must cultivate your intellect. The books and materials in this bundle provide a starting place.


This set includes:

  • 103B - Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional & Personal Life - Second Edition
  • 520M - The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools
  • 570M - Thinker's Guide to the Human Mind: Thinking, Feeling, Wanting, and the Problem of Irrationality
  • 595M - The Thinker's Guide to Analytic Thinking: How to Take Thinking Apart and What to Look for When You Do
  • 106B - 30 Days to Better Thinking and Better Living with Critical Thinking
  • 200SB - Laminated Card Set: Critical Thinking for Business (set of 4)

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