Set of Five Posters (551P-555P)

Author: Linda Elder and Richard Paul
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Copyright: 2008
Dimensions: 22" x 34"

For use in classrooms or during presentations, our set of five posters keeps critical thinking at the forefront of teacher and student thinking. The posters can be purchased as set of five posters, or individually for $5.50 each.   Look for them by their item numbers- 551P-555P- on our website.

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This set includes:

  • 551P - Poster: Parts of Thinking
  • 554P - Poster: Parts of Thinking and Questions
  • 553P - Poster: Intellectual Standards
  • 555P - Poster: Standards Elements Traits
  • 552P - Poster: Elements of Thought

Retail Value: $59.75 | You Save: -$50.25

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