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Critical Thinking in the News

Critical thinking will become a dominant force in the world only when,
and to the extent that, critical societies emerge.

As media are reflections of our collective values and character, they are also potentially significant in helping us shape and alter our individual views. Thus, a running index to some of the news, discourse and critique that contextualizes critical thinking in media as they alter and illuminate our times follows. Articles are of mixed quality and significance and we leave it to the reader to *assess them. News from previous months is available in the News Archives Directory under NEWS & CRITIQUE on the main menu. An index of News and Commentary that Critique Social and Institutional Practices is also provided.

Critical societies are those for whom fair-minded critical thinking is a social value and thus routinely cultivated in all citizens and respected in all social practices. One contributes to the emergence of critical thought as a social value by making changes consistent with the integral concepts, standards and best practices of critical thinking across all domains and disciplines in one’s daily life. Intellectual integrity arrived at through open, accurate, clear, precise, fair and independent thought processes is at the very core of a well tempered mind. It is also at the core of the values and character in a critical society.


Articles written, or interviews given, by our fellows:

See Dr. Elder's report to congress on Critical Thinking & Child Education.

View the report here...

Our View on the Common Core Curiculum
Editorial by Linda Elder 

Does the Common Core Advance
a Rigorous Conception of Critical Thinking?

For those connoisseurs of human folly, the Common Core standards fray is becoming intriguing. Up until recently, when New York educators raised ruckus, we were increasingly being led to believe - through the usual propaganda - that critical thinking is the “hallmark” of the Common Core and of Common Core classes….

Download the Editorial Below.

"Essentials of Citizenship for a Complex, Interdependent World: Critical Thinking and Ethical Values" by Paula Fraser - 

Read the Full Article

"Achieving critical mass" by Linda Elder, Published in Times Higher Education - Read the Full Article

"Reason to live" by Linda Elder, published in Times Higher Education - Read the Full Article

"I think critically, therefore I am" by Linda Elder, published in Times Higher Education - Read the Full Article

"Are you a critical thinker" by Linda Elder, published in The Christian Science Monitor - Read the Full Article

"An Absence of Critical Thinking," in which author Allan Levine quotes Linda Elder, published in The Globe and Mail - Read the Full Article 

"How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills and Make Better Business Decisions,” which quotes Dr. Linda Elder, published in Entrepreneur Magazine - Read the Full Article

Teaching Kids to Think Critically in the Age of Standardized Testing

Teaching Kids to Think Critically.  Listen to the podcast interview  on BAM Radio network with Linda Elder, Frank Kell and Maureen Kelleher.  

Download the (Audio) Teaching Kids to Think Critically


For business entrepreneurs to make the best decisions possible, they need to be able to think critically and quickly pick out flaws in their processes that might harm their business, their customers or their employees. But this isn't as easy as it sounds.

When we think through a problem, our thought processes are naturally colored by biases, such as our points of view or our assumptions about the situation. Each of these biases affects our reasoning.

The following article examines how the use of critical thinking can help entrepreneurs to overcome these innate biases and make better decisions. Take a look, then share some tips/suggestions of your own on our Facebook page.




Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by members of our Facebook community are not necessarily those of The Foundation for Critical Thinking, its staff or its board members.


 Note: Articles by outside authors are listed here to reflect what discussion of critical thinking exists in the media today. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Foundation for Critical Thinking, its staff, or its board members.

Program at Sierra College Helps Instructors Teach Critical Thinking

Sacramento Business Journal July 24, 2013

Rocklin's Sierra College has good news for the region's employers who have been saying that they need more graduates with critical thinking skills.   Read the Full Article

Reader's View: New Exam Will Help Students Build Critical Thinking Skills

Idaho Statesman July 23, 2013

Will a new Idaho education exam mean better critical thinking skills for the state's students?   Read the Full Article

Critical Thinking, Consensus Building Nurtured at Annual Summer Laureate Program July 22, 2013

A summer laureate program for youth helps to foster critical thinking skills at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.   Read the Full Article

The Pros and Cons of Gamification in the Classroom

EdTech Magazine July 22, 2013

As the gamification trend continues unabated, experts weigh in on students’ and instructors’ motivations.   Read the Full Article

New Common Core Standards Aim to Help Students Think Critically July 22, 2013

Another good news summary of the Common Core State Standards and what they mean for teachers and students.   Read the Full Article

Review: 'Lone Ranger' Requires Critical Thinking

The Taos News July 14, 2013

Does Disney's new Lone Ranger movie require critical thinking about the character of Tonto and native american stereotypes?   Read the Full Article