[02SET] Junior High / High School Thinker's Guide Set

Junior High/High School Teacher Thinker's Guide Set

This set includes the thinker’s guides which focus on the foundations of critical thinking. It also includes those guides useful in contextualizing essential critical thinking concepts and principles for classroom instruction. And it contains the thinker’s guides we recommend for student use.


This set includes:

  • 520M - The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools
  • 525M - How to Read a Paragraph: The Art of Close Reading
  • 530M - The Thinker's Guide for Students on How to Study & Learn a Discipline
  • 535M - How to Write a Paragraph: The Art of Substantive Writing
  • 550M - The Miniature Guide to Practical Ways for Promoting Active and Cooperative Learning
  • 560M - How to Improve Student Learning: 30 Practical Ideas Based on Critical Thinking Concepts and Principles
  • 570M - Thinker's Guide to the Human Mind: Thinking, Feeling, Wanting, and the Problem of Irrationality
  • 575M - The Thinker's Guide for Conscientious Citizens on How to Detect Media Bias and Propaganda in National and World News
  • 580M - The Art of Asking Essential Questions (Based on Critical Thinking Concepts and Socratic Principles)
  • 585m - The Thinker's Guide to Ethical Reasoning (Based on Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools)
  • 595M - The Thinker's Guide to Analytic Thinking: How to Take Thinking Apart and What to Look for When You Do
  • 555M - A Guide for Educators to Critical Thinking Competency Standards: Standards, Principles, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes with a Critical Thinking Master Rubric
  • 553M - The Thinker's Guide to Socratic Questioning
  • 563M - The International Critical Thinking Reading and Writing Test
  • 583M - A Critical Thinker's Guide to Educational Fads How to Get Beyond Educational Glitz and Glitter
  • 554M - The Aspiring Thinker's Guide to Critical Thinking

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