California Teacher Preparation for Instruction in Critical Thinking

Full Title: California Teacher Preparation for Instruction in Critical Thinking:
Research Findings and Policy Recommendations California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Sacramento California, 1997

Author: Richard W. Paul, Linda Elder, Ted Bartell
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking
Copyright: 1997
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Binding: Soft Cover

This is the first comprehensive study, based on rigorous research methodology, which quantitatively and qualitatively determines the extent to which college faculty typically teach for critical thinking, the methods faculty use to teach critical thinking, how well faculty can distinguish between high quality and low quality thinking, the extent to which faculty can articulate their understanding of critical thinking, and the extent to which prospective teachers are prepared to teach critical thinking. Results are based on a study of randomly selected California professors from 38 public and 28 private colleges and universities. Read the Executive Summary


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California Teacher Preparation for Instruction in Critical Thinking


Content Highlights include:

  • A Baseline Concept of Critical Thinking
  • Faculty Knowledge of Critical Thinking
  • Illustrative Strong and Weak Profiles of Faculty
  • Exemplary Critical Thinking Practices in Courses and Programs
  • Recommendations for Faculty Development in Critical Thinking
  • Common Teaching Practices
  • Definitions of Critical Thinking
  • A Short History of Critical Thinking
  • Values in Critical Thinking
  • Tests of Critical Thinking
  • Intellectual Standards
  • A Glossary of Critical Thinking Concepts