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    Set of Twenty Two Thinker's Guides
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    Set of Twenty Two Thinker's Guides

Set of Twenty Two Thinker's Guides

Author: Richard Paul and Linda Elder
Publisher: Foundation for Critical Thinking

These Thinker's Guides are available through electronic license for educational institutions. Faculty and administrators - email to inquire.

This set contains most of our miniature guides and thinker's guides, including the Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools, which has sold over half a million copies. Our thinker's guides are designed primarily for teachers and faculty interested in fostering critical thinking in teaching and learning.  Many are useful as curriculum materials for students; some are for faculty only.  Because critical thinking is important not only in education, the majority of our guides can be used in personal and professional life as well.  See the list below of all the guides included in this set.



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Set of Twenty Two Thinker's Guides

Guides Contained in Set:

  1. Active and Cooperative Learning
  2. Analytic Thinking
  3. Art of Socratic Questioning
  4. Aspiring Thinker's Guide
  5. Critical & Creative Thinking
  6. Critical Thinking Competency Standards
  7. Critical Thinking Reading & Writing Test
  8. Critical Thinking, Concepts & Tools
  9. Engineering Reasoning
  10. Ethical Reasoning
  11. Fallacies: The Art of Mental Trickery
  12. How to Detect Media Bias & Propaganda
  13. How to Improve Student Learning
  14. How to Read a Paragraph
  15. How to Study & Learn
  16. How to Write a Paragraph
  17. Scientific Thinking
  18. Taking Charge of the Human Mind
  19. The Art of Asking Essential Questions
  20. A Critical Thinker's Guide to Educational Fads
  21. Thinker's Guide to Intellectual Standards
  22. Glossary of Critical Thinking Terms and Concept